About IntoAfrica Ecotravel Limited

With offices in Kenya & Tanzania and over 16 years in unrivalled experience, IntoAfrica Eco Travel offers the most exclusive hand-crafted travel arrangements and excursions to the East African region. Our extensive knowledge of the region and our passion for wildlife & tourism means that we are always up to date on the latest travel trends and thus we are able to offer the very best recommendations and suggestions based upon personal experience.

Our long-standing and leading position in the travel industry also allows us to negotiate the best rates, ensuring that you not only get your perfect holiday but also excellent value for money. Our Authentic Adventure & Lifeskills Programs are what make our clients fill their hearts & souls with pure adventure and life experiences, in turn impacting their lives with fulfilling gratitude and diverse knowledge.

While on safari with us, you will not feel like a "packaged" tourist that’s merely there to be moved from one wildlife park to the next but rather as our special visitor, companion and true comrade of the local communities we interact with. Most importantly you won't miss out on the incredible wildlife attractions that Safari in East Africa is famous for.

So, join us in walking the eco-path and allow us to walk it with you. For our complete catalogue of programs and more details continue browsing www.intoafricatz.com or call us on +254 714 049201.


Mission Statement

IntoAfrica Ecotravel Ltd provides high quality services to eco-travelers in East Africa. We redistribute the income generated from ecotourism to local communities by not just zooming past them in vehicles but by stopping and interacting with them, employing local guides, donating books, building classrooms and using their facilities whenever possible. Our theme is sustainability. 

See our Sustainability Policy

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability / CSR policies please contact Patrick on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.